8 Background

People receive various information from sound. Hearing plays an important role in our everyday-life communication.

8 Objective

We are aiming at understanding human auditory information processing and developing comfortable communication systems based on human hearing properties.

8 Research on Human Auditory Information Processing


「いつでも,どこでも,だれとでも」というバリアフリー通信,マルチメディア通信といった, 人間を情報の発信および受信源とするシステム

In our laboratory, the process of sound localization is studied based on measurements and hearing tests.

We are aiming at understanding the process in the human auditory system to extract distinctive characteristics of a sound.

We are studying about two themes. One is the interaction between speech perception and talker's face motion. The other is the interaction between auditory information and self-motion perception.

8 Realization of Advanced Acoustic Communication Systems

人間の聴覚情報処理に関する知見を用いて, 誰でもがどんな環境でも快適に通信できる音環境・高度な音響通信システムの実現を目指す研究

We are studying on the auditory display systems which provide realistic virtual 3D sound space.

We are also studying about the evaluation method how a hearing aid is suited to individual hearing impaired listener.

We are developing new algorithms of digital audio watermarking, by which information of copyrights can be embedded into digital data without perceivable sound distortions.

8 Instruments

Speaker Array

Anechonic Room

Listening Room

8 Research Results