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  8 HRTFs Database

This database of HRTFs in whole directions measured by Acoustic Information Systems Laboratory, Tohoku University, Biological Information Processing Laboratory,Department of Electronics and Information Systems ,Faculty of Systems Science and Technology,Akita Prefectural University and Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation is summarized and open for free download.

One of the feature in this database is that HRTFs were measured with the subjects' ears blocked by acoustically rigid earplugs, i.e., Transfer functions from the sound source to the microphone put on the surface of the blocked ears were measured.

Databases of HRTFs covering the whole directions seem rare except that of MIT (Massachusette Institute of Technology) and Itakura lab. et al. Since this sort of database is useful not only for binaural or transaural auditory display but also for researches on human spatial hearing, our database is made wide open hoping for effective applications concerning such fields (and other fields, of course).

3D plot of HRTFs (118 kB)
Change in HRTFs with azimuth
EPS+gzip file (1.27 MB)
(drawn by using MATLAB)


Outline of measurement
Measurement of the database is outlined. This may be helpful to understand the measurement condition and its properties.
On HRTFs measured with blocked ears (Please read at least once)
Comments on HRTFs measured with blocked ears are brief description.
Download (under construction)
The main feature is available. For now, downloading is available only via HTTP, but downloading with FTP is now under construction.
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